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December 26, 2015
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5:55:20 AM `Pn`RichUK: the internet router here was reset
5:55:29 AM `Pn`RichUK: by my idiot dad
5:55:35 AM `Pn`RichUK: he was fiddling with things he does not understand
5:55:52 AM `Pn`RichUK: xan and damian are here I believe somewhere
5:55:59 AM `Pn`RichUK: that means skor, me and xan and dmaian
5:56:04 AM `Pn`RichUK: can enjoy a game :)
5:56:08 AM `Pn`RichUK: qui joined a game
5:56:13 AM `Pn`RichUK: i bet her went to mole
5:56:27 AM Quai: lool