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Quote #155

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[01:39] <sMsC> Hey
[01:39] <sMsC> DarkOne
[01:39] <sMsC> MagiC is not at bT
[01:39] <sMsC> pls delet MagiC this guy is not play bT
[01:39] <DarkOne> then why did you say he was in your e-mail?
[01:39] * DarkOne slaps sMsC around a bit with a large trout
[01:39] <sMsC> nah
[01:39] <sMsC> but
[01:39] <sMsC> he exit and join sF
[01:40] <sMsC> Reallyyyyy i promisse
[01:40] <DarkOne> he's even faster than Anubis!
[01:41] <sMsC> MagiC is not player bT
[01:41] <sMsC> Pls Delet I promisse he Join sF
[01:41] <DarkOne> once is enough :P
[01:41] <sMsC> so
[01:41] <Looke`snp> no
[01:41] <Looke`snp> magic join aF
[01:41] <Looke`snp> no sF
[01:42] <sMsC> looke
[01:42] <sMsC> but
[01:42] <sMsC> i see him yestereday with nick sF
[01:42] <sMsC> why?
[01:42] <Looke`snp> hum..
[01:42] <Looke`snp> i'll see
[01:42] <sMsC> So MagiC damn
[01:42] <DarkOne> I put him in aF
[01:42] <sMsC> Pls Delet with list bT MagiC hes not player bT
[01:43] <sMsC> ok?
[01:43] <DarkOne> ok, MsC, if you say that one more time, I will take away all your points
[01:43] <DarkOne> [01:41] <DarkOne> once is enough :P
[01:43] <guaton> Lol
[01:43] <guaton> DarkOne rulz now
[01:44] <sMsC> So pls delet MagiC with members bT and delet MagiC point with bT
[01:44] <DarkOne> (he said it after I had done it!)
[01:44] <sMsC> So i see MagiC not have clan now
[01:44] * DarkOne slaps sMsC around a bit with a large trout
[01:44] <DarkOne>
[01:44] <sMsC> DarkOne
[01:44] <sMsC> but
[01:44] <sMsC> After he Join sF
[01:45] <sMsC> Yesterday i see this nick with MagiC
[01:45] <sMsC> MagiC not member bT im Leader bT
[01:45] <DarkOne> --------------- I ALREADY CHANGED THAT ---------------
[01:45] <DarkOne> o_O
[01:45] <sMsC> so u change this?
[01:46] <sMsC> what?
[01:46] <sMsC> i dont undresteand
[01:46] <DarkOne>
[01:46] <DarkOne> go there
[01:46] <DarkOne> now
[01:46] <sMsC> Im leader bT and i know who is my players at clan
[01:47] <DarkOne> no
[01:47] <DarkOne> go there
[01:47] <DarkOne> now
[01:47] <sMsC> hmm
[01:47] <sMsC> is good
[01:47] <DarkOne> the eagle has landed =)