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<Mat> hows going the new update? and how do u code .exe files?
<CyberShadow> I have a touchscreen with one million squares, each has a 1 and 0
<Mat> i wanna know to make my own exe files (dont teach me how to make a virus -.-)
<CyberShadow> and I touch the cell to flip the bit
<CyberShadow> that's how I enter the code into the computer
<CyberShadow> and there's a lever on the side which I pull, and it spits out an EXE file
<Muzer> LOL
<Mat> ok its like codes like 100000100010100000000000000000000000000001?
<CyberShadow> yes exactly!
<Mat> these codes are used for hacks too lol
<worMatty> That's so cool