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Quote #195

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18:35.04 <@darKz> what's the 2nd bot for?
18:35.06 <@darKz> Kryten
18:35.37 <@ropa> it's a deluded bot
18:35.45 <@ropa> !op Kryten
18:35.45 * ChanServ sets mode: +o Kryten
18:35.45 <@ropa> oh
18:35.49 <@ropa> he doesn't act deluded anymore
18:35.52 <@ropa> !kick random
18:36.12 <@ropa> !deop kryten
18:36.13 * ChanServ sets mode: -o Kryten
18:36.38 <@ropa> !sp darkz
18:37.14 <@ropa> quit
18:37.17 <@ropa> kryten: quit
18:37.18 <Kryten> ropa, you don't have 'basics::quit::quit' permissions here
18:37.23 <@ropa> kryten: sp darkz
18:37.26 <@ropa> kryten: gay
18:37.28 <@ropa> kryten: mode
18:37.29 <Kryten> incorrect usage, ask for help using 'Kryten: help mode'
18:37.34 <@ropa> kryten: help mode
18:37.35 <Kryten> mode <channel> <mode> <nicks> => set channel modes for <nicks> on <channel> to <mode>
18:37.41 <@ropa> kryten: help help
18:37.41 <Kryten> basics: quit, restart, join, part, hide, save, say, action, topic, quiet, talk, ping, mode
18:37.48 <@ropa> kryten: help commands
18:37.48 <Kryten> no help for topic commands
18:37.51 <@ropa> kryten: commands
18:37.55 <@ropa> !kick kryten
18:37.55 * Kryten was kicked by ChanServ ((ropa) Bye.)
18:38.15 <@ropa> as far as I can tell it has no use