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[05:37] <CyberShadow> it's common knowledge that VB is only adequate at writing keyloggers
[05:37] <Mablak> Har
[05:37] <Mablak> VB is perfect in all ways
[05:37] <Mablak> i don't know where you get your information
[05:38] <CyberShadow> you're joking
[05:38] <CyberShadow> amirite?
[05:39] <Mablak> I am, deadly, serious
[05:41] <CyberShadow> VB is as perfect as a rock
[05:41] <CyberShadow> sure, there are many things you could do with a rock, but why if there are tools that can do the same things with much less effort?
[05:41] <Mablak> I agree with your analogy, as rocks are the most perfect formation found in nature
[05:42] <Mablak> Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finish some problem sets
[05:42] <CyberShadow> you could compare that assembly language is tweezers, there are not many things that you can do with both tweezers and rocks
[05:42] <Mablak> *gets out stone tablet and chisel*