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[17:17] * Now talking in #FoW
[21:22] <@SLP|medic> who are u..
[21:22] <@SLP|medic> and its not your channel
[21:23] <darKz> i never said it was
[21:23] <darKz> but i want it
[21:23] <@SLP|medic> why?
[21:23] <darKz> so i'll just wait
[21:23] <@SLP|medic> why do u want something thats blatantly not yours
[21:23] <darKz> don't you want something that's not yours either?
[21:23] <darKz> i think everyone does
[21:23] <@SLP|medic> its an irc channel
[21:24] <darKz> so?
[21:24] <@SLP|medic> ur probably one of those kiddies who takes it over and says uve been on fow
[21:24] <darKz> i dont even know what fow is, so no i probably won't do that
[21:24] <@SLP|medic> so why do u want #fow then
[21:24] <@SLP|medic> ?..
[21:24] <darKz> why do you want to keep it?
[21:25] <@SLP|medic> !kb darKz
[21:25] * ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@dslb-088-***-***-***
[21:25] * You were kicked by ChanServ ((SLP|medic) Bye.)