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<madewokherd> I guess I'm setting it up on real windows :(
<Enty> gn
<madewokherd> if only I had some kind of remote machine I could run it on..
* Enty is now known as Enty\zzzz
<madewokherd> wait a second
* madewokherd gets out his poorly-cooled 700 MHz laptop
<Wyv> oh no you wouldn't!
<KRD> Don't. Do. It.
<KRD> D:
<Enty\zzzz> KRD has experience.
<Enty\zzzz> ;o
<Wyv> enty has no zzzz
<Enty\zzzz> yes i hazzzzz.
* Enty\zzzz is now known as Enty\zzzzz
<KRD> Not if Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind technology ever comes true I don't.
<Wyv> Cute hedgehog eating a carrot with his head stuck in a toilet paper tube.