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Quote #290

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<Balee> good evening
<ropa|web> hello balee
are you hungry?
<Balee> hungry?
yes, quite
<ropa|web> I suggest dinner
<Balee> tbh, im looking for some1 who knows how to upload a scheme and/or replay file to WKB
<ropa|web> Okay
give me a minute I will aid you through the process
<Balee> ty :)
<severin_> its a trap
<Enty> now that's just cruel
<ropa|web> please input WKB url address
<severin_> ropa never helps anyone
<ropa|web> ignore the trolls
--- Sie sind als Troll bekannt
* Troll approaches
* Enty gets some food
--- Sie sind als Dender bekannt
<ropa|web> this was the most stereotypical minute ever
* Enty gives ropa a kiss
<Enty> NOW it is. ;>