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(03:52:32 PM) Flamiex: can you add facultyofwormin to #worms topic
(03:52:48 PM) M3ntal: no
(03:52:54 PM) Flamiex: why
(03:53:00 PM) Flamiex: we're trying to get it working
(03:53:14 PM) Flamiex: why are you all boycotting it
(03:53:23 PM) Flamiex: we understand you all want fow to succeed but this is not the way
(03:53:24 PM) M3ntal: you're trying to involve me in your silly little game, and i don't appreciate it
(03:53:28 PM) Flamiex: i'm not
(03:53:35 PM) M3ntal: i'm having nothing to do with any of it
(03:53:43 PM) Flamiex: ok