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[11:31:25] [Doubletime] Can you link me to the wormnat2 and wormkit homepage ?
[11:31:47] [Help] how could I fucking know what is WormKit and WormNAT2?
[11:31:54] [Doubletime] !wormkit
[11:31:54] [Help] WormKit is an extension framework for W:A. Download it from , or read more at .
[11:31:58] [Doubletime] !wormnat
[11:31:59] [Help] WormNAT2 is a new WormKit module which will allow you to host games (which anyone can join) even if you're behing a router or firewall. Get it from .
[11:32:03] [Help] oh there!
[11:32:04] [Doubletime] LoL you know what it is XD
[11:32:11] [Help] thanks for remembering me!