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Quote #445

November 13, 2009
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[15:49] <Robi> can you type 100 WPM with that ?
[15:50] * Squirminator2k has joined #worms
[15:50] <Robi> 64 possibilities in orbitouch.
[15:50] <Robi> hm
[15:50] <KRD> Typing speed is a matter of practice, not keyboard layout, in my opinion.
[15:50] <Wyv> you should write WPM with a wii remote and the onscreen keyboard!
[15:50] <Robi> well, with something fancy like that....
[15:50] <Wyv> 100 WPM*
[15:51] <Robi> hard to tell how fast you can use it
[15:51] <DarkOne> well, Wyv, I can type the word "a" 100 times per minute with a wii remote and the onscreen keyboard
[15:51] <DarkOne> does that count?
[15:51] <Wyv> really? i want to see that
[15:52] <Wyv> you can type "a" and a space 100 times per minute? :p
[15:52] <DarkOne> I never said a thing about space!