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April 10, 2010
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* xJEDIxV1RvSgart ( has joined #Help
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> worms?¡
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> worms¡?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> fullwormage
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> mmm
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> cybershadow is here?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> what is the funtion of fullwormage bot?
<worMatty> Being gay.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> =o
<worMatty> No, it acts as a relay between here and the other world.
<worMatty> You can send messages across the void.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> ?
<worMatty> I actually exist in both places though.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> are u talking to me?
<worMatty> Yes.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> =O
<FullWormage>      GameSurge: #worms: <worMatty> Hello from the other world!
<worMatty> See?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> ??
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> yes
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> what is tha?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> t
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> that?
<worMatty> I told you, it's a message relay between here and the other world.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> how do u do that?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> =O!
<worMatty> Ah, it takes training.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> =/
<worMatty> Lots of mental preparation.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> jajaja
<worMatty> Yesyesyes
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> tha is the irc surge?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> really man
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> how do u do taht?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> that*
<worMatty> The great IRC surge, yes. You have to be careful not to let it become overloaded. We use massive ethereal metal oxide varistors.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> =O
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> how can i do that?
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> i have the irc
<worMatty> !help irc
<Help> What do you need help with?
<Help> #worms is an IRC channel located on the GameSurge IRC network. See for more information.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> i have my own bot autorizade by cybershadow
<worMatty> Help has all the info, just follow that link if you want to access the other world.
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> ok
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> ty
<xJEDIxV1RvSgart> =D
<worMatty> ;)