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Quote #504

April 24, 2010
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<WQDBIsJustTSRsNickLibrary> I cook everything I don't like
<WQDBIsJustTSRsNickLibrary> Why do you think no one's seen HHC in here forever
<maarten> Liar
<WQDBIsJustTSRsNickLibrary> I baked him in a pie
<maarten> The world would be a much hotter place if you cooked everything you don't like
<WQDBIsJustTSRsNickLibrary> !seen HHC
<Bloopyaway> [[Fast !seen]] WQDBIsJustTSRsNickLibrary, HHC (~TSR@<some IP address>) was last seen changing nick to TokiWartooth in GameSurge 88wks 3days 13hrs 30mins 21secs ago.
<WQDBIsJustTSRsNickLibrary> LOL
<WQDBIsJustTSRsNickLibrary> OK, so last time the nick HHC was used in here I used it lol