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Quote #517

Submitted by:Stepanesss on May 10, 2010
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<Wyv|work> you're still not done molesting your platypus
<AchievementUnlocked> Tell that to the platypus
* Balee is now known as Platypus
<Platypus> meow
* Wyv|work is speechless
<AchievementUnlocked> I know, right
<AchievementUnlocked> Since when did a platypus fucking meow
<Platypus> meow-meow-meow-bamm
<Wyv|work> since it started trying to be more convincing in its mammal charade?
* Platypus doesn't let Balee take his nickname back
* Platypus is now known as Balee
<Balee> meow
* Baleeat is now known as Balee_The_Original