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Quote #523

May 28, 2010
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<Rioter> you're university of bristol right?
<CadmiumLacey> I'm nowt
<CadmiumLacey> I went to Glamorgan and then quit
<Rioter> lol Glamorgan
<Wyv|work> is that a really bad pun?
<Rioter> no it's Welsh
<Wyv|work> HEAR HEAR
<CadmiumLacey> Which is where the whole thing stems from
<Wyv|work> it's WELSH, is it
<Wyv|work> uh-huh
<Rioter> shush you
<CadmiumLacey> It is.
<Rioter> i'm welsh
<Rioter> :/
<CadmiumLacey> Lol
<CadmiumLacey> There you go
<Wyv|work> well
<Wyv|work> i have to concur with that lol
<Wyv|work> but still
<Rioter> on a serious note I can't wait to get away from this shithole known as Stroud :/
<Wyv|work> TSR is much more welsh than you
<CadmiumLacey> Clearly if you end up at UWE Rioter I'll have to get you very drunk at some point
<Rioter> TSR is more German than you
<CadmiumLacey> Hey man fuck you
<Wyv|work> bahaha
<Rioter> not you
<Rioter> Wyv
<CadmiumLacey> I'm not more German than fucking anyone
<CadmiumLacey> You shut your damn face
<Rioter> CadmiumLacey that was directed at Wyv
<Rioter> :/
<Rioter> oh wait
<CadmiumLacey> Listen, jackass
<Rioter> you are TSR
<Rioter> oops
<Wyv|work> CadmiumLacey is TSR, you dumbass :p
<CadmiumLacey> I am not more German than anyone
<Rioter> statement retracted
<Rioter> sorry, mind lapse
* Wyv|work needs to stop the chuckling
* Rioter needs to start headbanging
<CadmiumLacey> Moving swiftly on