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Quote #550

August 3, 2010
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[04:59:56] <Betong> i know it's just my blinkered, biased viewpoint
[05:00:05] <Betong> but i still think 'worms is a pc game'
[05:00:14] <Betong> and 'the console versions are quick ports'
[05:00:27] <Betong> and i still think that team17 believe that
[05:00:36] <Betong> obviously not true ... not completely, at least
[05:00:52] <KRD> I wish it were true. D:
[05:00:56] <Betong> but i just shrug them off like they're not canon or something
[05:01:10] <KRD> Yeah, but when you do that.
[05:01:23] <KRD> You realise that they haven't done a canon game in over 10 years.
[05:01:33] <Betong> well, 9
[05:01:36] <KRD> WWP doesn't count, for reasons I hope are obvious!
[05:01:40] <Betong> if WWP counts as a game
[05:01:42] <Betong> lol
[05:01:43] <KRD> Hahah.