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Submitted by:Lex on December 14, 2010
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<BlueMaxima> I can't get past World 2
<BlueMaxima> My reflexes aren't good enough
<CyberShadow> what
<CyberShadow> the light world 2?
<BlueMaxima> Yeah
<CyberShadow> oh wow
<CyberShadow> you know the game gets MUCH more brutal than that
* BlueMaxima cries in a corner
<BlueMaxima> And I'm supposed to review SMB for the magazine I write for
<CyberShadow> 'too hard; couldn't beat'
<BlueMaxima> I can't say that
<BlueMaxima> I'll be laughed at
<Lex> use 'Let's Play' videos.
<Lex> then imagine you're playing.
<Lex> and watch someone better than you do it.
<CyberShadow> I was about to say that
<Lex> there's this one guy
<Lex> that guy
<Lex> his videos are good
<CyberShadow> he also did a Let's Play of Amnesia
<CyberShadow> the moments when he really freaks out are hilarious
<Lex> he notices bugs and stuff too
<Lex> he doesn't just dismiss them
<Lex> because he's not retarded
<Lex> lol
<BlueMaxima> I just drooled on my hand
<Lex> you are a class act