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Quote #617

January 18, 2011
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<+Wyv> who was it again that signs his name with the letter X and usually spells it wrong?
<+Wyv> cohen the barbarian?
<DarkOne> <3
<+Lex> Conan?
<DarkOne> cohen
<+Wyv> cohen
<+Lex> isn't Cohen an Israeli last name?
<+Wyv> discworld reference!
<DarkOne> no, it's a barbarian
<DarkOne> very old one
<DarkOne> a lifetime of experience in not dying
<+Wyv> just like rincewind
<+Wyv> who has a 100% record of staying alive
<+Lex> i have that
<+Lex> i haven't died once
<+Wyv> what, really?
<+Wyv> good job!
<DarkOne> to be fair, so do the patients admitted right now with serious lung disease
<+Wyv> technically, even after dying your record of staying alive would still be so close to 100% that it basically is 100%
<+Wyv> which proves that man is immortal
<+Lex> what? your record would then be 0%
<+Wyv> how so? you'd have stayed alive very, very, very often
<madewokherd> well, what are you counting, time spent alive since conception out of total time since conception?
<+Wyv> you are staying alive every fraction of a second
<+Wyv> you have just stayed alive bazillions of times
<+Wyv> within your last breath
<+Wyv> how many fps does real life have?
<DarkOne> your score depends on how long you make the episodes
<+Lex> 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
<+Wyv> that's how often you stay alive per second!
<+Wyv> so yeah, there ya go
<madewokherd> I'm not sure real life technically has frames
<+Wyv> shh, work with me here
<+Lex> it has really good graphics though
<+Wyv> not as good as half-life 2, though
<+Lex> and it runs at a smooth fps all the time
<+Wyv> (i have actually heard a kid say that once)
<+Wyv> he was marvelling over the water effects on a lake and thought it was almost as good as those in half-life 2
<DarkOne> life sure does have long loading times though
<+Lex> lol
<DarkOne> had to wait 6 days for a phone call to load
<+Wyv> heh
<+Wyv> you were capable of doing other things meanwhile, though
<DarkOne> alt-tab irl
<+Lex> that's called multiple personality disorder
<+Wyv> rofl
<DarkOne> or ADHD