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Submitted by:Muzer on January 15, 2014
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<LeTotalKiller> Hi, TalkingFromBedCode.
* OutorOrder is now known as OutrsiveOrder
<schaf> Badcode
<Muzer> !face face
-OutrsiveOrder- Give my face a break! (-197s)
<IntrusiveOne> Barcode
<Muzer> lol
<IntrusiveOne> Come guys, change it one letter at a time!
<LeTotalKiller> Barnode.
<IntrusiveOne> Bearnode.
<Muzer> IntrusiveOne: are you allowed to add letters
<Muzer> ah
<Muzer> lol
<Muzer> I was giong to say that
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<Muzer> Beernode
<schaf> bearnude
<@OutrsiveOrder> schaf's was invalid
<IntrusiveOne> so beernude?
<LeTotalKiller> One letter at a time, schaf. :P
<schaf> isnt
* OutrsiveOrder is now known as OutofOrder
<IntrusiveOne> poor schaf, abused cause he got ninja'd
<schaf> I was first!!! 1!1!11
<IntrusiveOne> Muzer made it Beernode before you said yours
<@OutofOrder> Beermode
<LeTotalKiller> Beercode.
<schaf> beercod
<IntrusiveOne> Beefcod
<schaf> beecod
<IntrusiveOne> we've almost made the full circle
<nappy> Beefco sounds like a good name for a meat company
<@OutofOrder> Seecod
<IntrusiveOne> Seacod
<@OutofOrder> high five!
<IntrusiveOne> o/
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<schaf> teacod
<IntrusiveOne> oi! don't leave me hanging here, Auto!
<nappy> teapod
<@OutofOrder> teapot
<IntrusiveOne> teaspot
<@OutofOrder> high five!
<nappy> o/
<schaf> teascot
<@OutofOrder> peascot
<LeTotalKiller> Peescot.
<Muzer> can we keep this going until he wakes up?
<IntrusiveOne> if you want
<IntrusiveOne> peescots
<@OutofOrder> but he has to wake up the same instant we come full circle
<IntrusiveOne> this may be difficult, as we're moving away
<@OutofOrder> peescats
<schaf> weescats
<Muzer> weescarts
<nappy> weescams
<Muzer> damn, contention
<Muzer> who was first?
<LeTotalKiller> Which one is valid?
<LeTotalKiller> [16:42:05] <nappy> weescams
<IntrusiveOne> Muzer was first
<LeTotalKiller> [16:42:05] <Muzer> weescarts
<IntrusiveOne> heh
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<nappy> Fork!
<IntrusiveOne> Auto's the tie breaker
* schaf has quit (Killed (* (Ghost kill on account schaf (requested by schafii).)))
<@OutofOrder> i saw Muzer first
* schafii is now known as schaf
<LeTotalKiller> Okay.
<IntrusiveOne> weescarts it is
<schaf> where are we?
<schaf> k
<IntrusiveOne> weedcarts
<schaf> weedcart
<nappy> weedcard
<@OutofOrder> typical dutchie
<IntrusiveOne> incidently, that's a hole in the market
<schaf> weedcar
<@OutofOrder> weekcar
<IntrusiveOne> weldcar
<Muzer> ...
<@OutofOrder> nope
<IntrusiveOne> aww
<LeTotalKiller> Invalid.
<Muzer> weakcar
<IntrusiveOne> weakcar
<IntrusiveOne> aSDFidsofjo
<schaf> weecar
<@OutofOrder> hahaha
<schaf> oO
<LeTotalKiller> Hi-five, IntrusiveOne!
<schaf> teakcar
<@OutofOrder> teascar
<IntrusiveOne> you suck, schaf.
<LeTotalKiller> I've been in that boat for pretty much a couple of minutes.
<schaf> you wish!
<IntrusiveOne> teascan
<LeTotalKiller> Peascan.
<schaf> peescan
<@OutofOrder> well played
<Muzer> indeed
<IntrusiveOne> peelscan
<nappy> peerscan
<schaf> eelscan
<LeTotalKiller> [16:45:20] <nappy> peerscan
<LeTotalKiller> [16:45:20] <IntrusiveOne> peelscan
<nappy> D:
<Muzer> <IntrusiveOne> peelscan
<Muzer> <nappy> peerscan
<Muzer> oh der
<schaf> eelscan!!1!1!!1
<nappy> Where are you from, Muzer?
<IntrusiveOne> Auto, we need a tiebreaker!
<Muzer> nappy: UK
<IntrusiveOne> Muzer is british
<nappy> Ah right
<Muzer> I think eelscan because it's the most awesome
<IntrusiveOne> I can live with eelscan
<IntrusiveOne> eelscar
<nappy> eelscam
<schaf> eelcar
<schaf> djdkdj
<Muzer> lol
<IntrusiveOne> eelspam
<Muzer> :D
<ahp> hhey I nly pooped 2 times today
<ahp> so far
<ahp> I just ate 3 eggs so we should be all good for a while
<Muzer> eelspar
<schaf> eelstar
<IntrusiveOne> no H2S in your farts in here, please
<ahp> smoked eel is godlike
<LeTotalKiller> Eelstars.
<IntrusiveOne> eelstare
<Muzer> :D
<schaf> eelstart
<ahp> last ate eel in the summer :(
<ahp> they're much harder to catch every year
<Muzer> eelsmart
<Muzer> (new supermarket)
<IntrusiveOne> :o
<ahp> eelobe
<schaf> eelmart
<schaf> ahp loses
<LeTotalKiller> Reelmart.
<ahp> what
<ahp> what did I lose
<IntrusiveOne> reefmart
<ahp> queeffart
<Muzer> beefmart
<IntrusiveOne> only change one letter at a time
<ahp> oh
<schaf> beefart
<ahp> how about this:
<IntrusiveOne> !!!
<ahp> big floppy donkey dick
<LeTotalKiller> Bedfart.
<nappy> redfart
<IntrusiveOne> oh, we got the first part
<Muzer> oh dear
<IntrusiveOne> and it's gone
<IntrusiveOne> redfast
<Muzer> we could last forever on the farts
<Muzer> or not
<schaf> redfat
<Muzer> why did I find this
<nappy> redhat/1
<nappy> !
<Muzer> lol
<LeTotalKiller> Redrat.
<IntrusiveOne> redhate
<Muzer> LeTotalKiller firs tfor me
<LeTotalKiller> ...
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <vombat> eel butt
<schaf> redrot
<IntrusiveOne> redrod
<nappy> redroid
<IntrusiveOne> !ag you're, like, way behind!
<LeTotalKiller> Predroid.
<schaf> predroid
<schaf> lol
<nappy> pregroid
<Muzer> pregroin
<IntrusiveOne> before it was a droid?
<LeTotalKiller> Yup.
<IntrusiveOne> piegroin
<schaf> peegroin
<Muzer> lol
<Muzer> you went there :P
<IntrusiveOne> peegrown
<LeTotalKiller> Aw man, wanted to use pig for once.
<Muzer> peagrown
<LeTotalKiller> Peacrown.
<Muzer> peacrow
<IntrusiveOne> pearow
<nappy> petcrow
<nappy> eh
<Muzer> IntrusiveOne first for me
<Muzer> peatrow
<IntrusiveOne> for me as well!
<LeTotalKiller> Same here.
<LeTotalKiller> By 1 second this time around.
<LeTotalKiller> Peathrow.
<Muzer> Heathrow
<IntrusiveOne> Deathrow
<schaf> lol
<nappy> deathbow
<IntrusiveOne> suddenly, this game got dark
* IntrusiveOne is now known as DarkOne
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <vombat> BUTT PLUGS
<Muzer> !ag we're on deathbow
<LeTotalKiller> Indeed.
<schaf> deathblow
<DarkOne> hmm, this could be tough
<nappy> deathblog
<LeTotalKiller> Deathslow.
<LeTotalKiller> ...
<Muzer> nappy first for me
<nappy> FINALLY
<Muzer> also funnier
<DarkOne> nappy
<LeTotalKiller> He sure is.
<schaf> deathlog
<Muzer> deathflog
<LeTotalKiller> Notice how we're closing his nick indirectly.
<schaf> deathclog
<LeTotalKiller> Deathfrog.
<schaf> lol
<LeTotalKiller> Pshaw, okay.
<Muzer> schaf first, sadly
<Muzer> :p
<Muzer> for me at least
<nappy> yeah schaf
<schaf> for me too!
<DarkOne> deathcog?
<LeTotalKiller> Goes to show we aren't THAT froggy.
<LeTotalKiller> Deathcod.
<nappy> deathcop
<DarkOne> deathcope
<nappy> deathnope
<Muzer> lol
<LeTotalKiller> Deathrope.
<schaf> deathhope
<nappy> deathhype
<LeTotalKiller> Deathhyper.
<Muzer> I was going to make it a lot darker, thankfully schaf got in the way
<Muzer> hmm, tht's hard, LeTotalKiller
<schaf> how?
<Muzer> deathrape
<schaf> lol
<DarkOne> deathhyped
<schaf> deathtyped
<DarkOne> deathtaped
<LeTotalKiller> Deathraped.
<LeTotalKiller> Sorry!
<nappy> deathrape
<Muzer> deathgrape
<DarkOne> deathrap
<schaf> deathrap
<Muzer> aw
<LeTotalKiller> [16:56:15] <DarkOne> deathrap
<LeTotalKiller> [16:56:15] <Muzer> deathgrape
<LeTotalKiller> [16:56:16] <schaf> deathrap
<nappy> rap it is
<nappy> deathnap
<DarkOne> when are we going to kill death?
<Muzer> can we work on getting rid of that death? :p
<Muzer> lol
<Muzer> deathcap
<LeTotalKiller> I might have an idea.
<LeTotalKiller> Deathcad.
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<LeTotalKiller> I know, doesn't really exist.
<Muzer> a cad is a thing, I think
<DarkOne> we could get to deathcode easily
<Muzer> well, there's computer-aided design
<DarkOne> but then, how to get to dead?
<Muzer> Deathcade
<Muzer> (arcade, but with death)
<nappy> deathcode then?
<Muzer> ooh
<Muzer> DarkOne: you cuold go heat (something beginning with h)
<LeTotalKiller> I was thinking of getting "hax" or something like that, tbh.
<DarkOne> yeah, I was scheming on a similar thing
<LeTotalKiller> And then have Neathax.
<Muzer> deathode
<DarkOne> deathode
<DarkOne> doh?
<LeTotalKiller> At least you may play again.
<LeTotalKiller> I.e. without having to wait.
<DarkOne> is hode a word?
<nappy> nope
<DarkOne> didn't think it was
<schaf> Hoden exists in german
<DarkOne> deathore
* Fiskie-x220 ( has joined #worms
<nappy> deathwhore (sorry :D)
<LeTotalKiller> Deathord.
<nappy> ah, I can't do that
<LeTotalKiller> Oh, okay.
<DarkOne> you suck, nappy
<DarkOne> 1) for trying to make it harder
<nappy> I got overly excited!
<DarkOne> 2) for doing that illegally
<schaf> fappy
<DarkOne> xD
* nappy is now known as fappy
<DarkOne> what's a deathord?
<Muzer> deathorde
<LeTotalKiller> Good question.
<Muzer> considering we're making up words
<schaf> eathorde
<DarkOne> dearhorde
<Muzer> lol
<fappy> Let's go back to deathore
<LeTotalKiller> Okays.
<@OutofOrder> oh we've come a long way
<Muzer> :D
<fappy> Making up words ain't cool
<DarkOne> true
<DarkOne> besides, the concept of deathore is amazing
<DarkOne> that you can smelt a peace of rock and out comes pure death
<fappy> Oh, I know
<fappy> deathire
<LeTotalKiller> Neathore, if hore is a thing.
<schaf> eathire
<Muzer> YES
<DarkOne> bathire
<Muzer> meathire
<Muzer> aw
<schaf> lol
<Muzer> is that bat hire, or bath ire? :p
<schaf> cathire
<DarkOne> either!
<fappy> catwire
<@OutofOrder> fatwire
<DarkOne> fatsire
<Muzer> fapwire
<LeTotalKiller> Mapwire.
<schaf> fapware
<Muzer> DarkOne was first
<Muzer> eh
<@OutofOrder> yes
<Muzer> fatsir
<schaf> fapsire
<DarkOne> That's why I'm DarkOne and not DarkTwo
<@OutofOrder> haha
<LeTotalKiller> Lol, I wasn't looking at timestamps.
<fappy> datsir
<DarkOne> dadsir
<LeTotalKiller> Badsir.
<DarkOne> Beadsir
<LeTotalKiller> Deadsir.
<fappy> NOOO
<DarkOne> Deaddir
<schaf> lol
<Muzer> deaddirt
<fappy> daddirt
<LeTotalKiller> Deaddirt.
<@OutofOrder> lmao
<schaf> fkfkdkdkfj
<Muzer> are we going to say no duplicates? :p
<LeTotalKiller> I love deadstuff.
<fappy> I thought you couldn't go back
<LeTotalKiller> On a short time span like that one, you mean?
<LeTotalKiller> Maddirt.
<schaf> LeTotalNecrophile
<DarkOne> is it daddirt now, then?
<LeTotalKiller> It is maddirt, yes.
<DarkOne> ok
<DarkOne> saddirt
<fappy> saddire
<LeTotalKiller> Satdirt.
<LeTotalKiller> Aw.
<@OutofOrder> sadtire
<DarkOne> sadtire
<DarkOne> heh
<Muzer> satire
<LeTotalKiller> Satire.
<@OutofOrder> o/
<schaf> atire
<Muzer> o
<fappy> double t?
<LeTotalKiller> Here's how we got from Bedcode to Satire!
<DarkOne> tire
<Muzer> attire
<Muzer> aw
<@OutofOrder> ire
<Muzer> damn it
<GreeN> re
<Muzer> we've lost all our letters :P
<fappy> e
<Muzer> red
<DarkOne> ore
<DarkOne> re is not a word
<@OutofOrder> fappy wins
<Muzer> OK
<Muzer> ore then
<fappy> GG NOOBS
<GreeN> z
<Muzer> er
<Muzer> confused now :P
<@OutofOrder> ez
<DarkOne> re is not a word
<GreeN> fez
<@OutofOrder> o/
<fappy> more
<Muzer> fed
<schaf> ted
<DarkOne> mode
<fappy> it's ore?
<Muzer> oh
<Muzer> rofl
<schaf> oO
<LeTotalKiller> Made.
<@OutofOrder> lol Marc
<@OutofOrder> we've branched the game
<DarkOne> we went with er and ez anyway?
<GreeN> never watched sound of music?
* schaf has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<GreeN> do RE me fa so la te do!
* schaf (~schaf@schaf.sttng.gamesurge) has joined #worms
<DarkOne> true
<@OutofOrder> yep, good point
<DarkOne> I never watched sound of music, though
<LeTotalKiller> Oh right.
<Muzer> LeTotalKiller: made is hard :P
<DarkOne> so let's backtrack
<Muzer> OK
<Muzer> where to?
<Muzer> re?
<@OutofOrder> i say ted is valid
<Muzer> (e isn't a word)
<LeTotalKiller> Re, then.
<@OutofOrder> it is! it's a constant
<DarkOne> well, I did say ore
<schaf> I say penismonkey
<fappy> penisdonkey
<DarkOne> there's no word 'e' you can use in a sentence unless you mean it to stand for the letter
<Muzer> OK, let's go with ore
<DarkOne> a can be used as a self containing word
<Muzer> so then
<GreeN> or a mathematical symbol
<Muzer> the following was valid until made :P
<DarkOne> nappy said more
<@OutofOrder> so you're admitting e is a word!
<DarkOne> and I said mode
<schaf> lode
<@OutofOrder> code
<DarkOne> acode
<fappy> coder
<Muzer> but LeTotalKiller said made
<Muzer> ah well
<Muzer> made is hard :P
<DarkOne> let's go with coder :)
<Muzer> coded
<DarkOne> he said made?
<GreeN> coped
<Muzer> DarkOne: yeah
<fappy> WHATEVER
<schaf> moped
<LeTotalKiller> Is that a thing?
<Muzer> moper
<Muzer> LeTotalKiller: yeah, a little bike
<LeTotalKiller> Guess it is.
<Muzer> or the past tense of mope
<@OutofOrder> mope
<Muzer> *little motorbike
<LeTotalKiller> Nope.
<DarkOne> moped is also past tense of mope
<DarkOne> rope
<fappy> dope
<GreeN> or past participle of "mope"
<schaf> hope
<LeTotalKiller> Hop.
<Muzer> nop
<schaf> top
<@OutofOrder> stop
<LeTotalKiller> Top. Meh.
<GreeN> step
<Muzer> steps
<DarkOne> ok, I'll stop :<
<LeTotalKiller> Steps.
<@OutofOrder> beep
<GreeN> lol
<Muzer> DarkOne: you'll stop? :(
<LeTotalKiller> Look at what we did!
<DarkOne> [17:11] <@OutofOrder> stop
<LeTotalKiller> Where did we start from, and where are we now?
<LeTotalKiller> D:
<Muzer> ah :P
<DarkOne> we turned deadcode into steps :o
<Muzer> oh dear
<@OutofOrder> steeps
<fappy> :(
<Muzer> oh, no
<Muzer> DarkOne: t was Bedcode
<Muzer> steep
<@OutofOrder> <DarkOne> we turned deadcode into steps :o <- i lol'd
<LeTotalKiller> Yeah, so that implies some laziness from Steps thankfully.
<DarkOne> but Beadcode was obviously the result of Deadcode -> Beadcode -> Bedcode
<GreeN> sleep
<@OutofOrder> asleep
<Muzer> asreep
<Muzer> er
<LeTotalKiller> Dasleep.
<Muzer> no
<DarkOne> o_O
<fappy> asreep? dasleep? what is this
<DarkOne> no idea
<@OutofOrder> totally broked the game
<LeTotalKiller> Okay, maybe pasleep.
<Muzer> I was thinking reap
<Muzer> pasleep works :P
<LeTotalKiller> Assuming pa is one of the shorts for Dad.
<Muzer> patsleep
<DarkOne> what's that?
<DarkOne> ah, works
<Muzer> you're allowed two words :P
<schaf> fatsleep
<fappy> fartsleep
<fappy> I feel like we are going circles
<LeTotalKiller> Dartsleep.
<DarkOne> fartsteep
<DarkOne> dartsteep then
<Muzer> dartseep
<@OutofOrder> darthseep
<LeTotalKiller> Dartsheep.*
<schaf> dartseem
<LeTotalKiller> -* & hmm.
<DarkOne> darth seep? NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo
<DarkOne> we're going to go back to death, aren't we?
<Muzer> haha
<Muzer> from darthseep I think
<Muzer> that seemed like the latest valid one
<Muzer> darthsheep
<schaf> garthsheep
<DarkOne> girthsheep
<Muzer> o_O
<LeTotalKiller> Birthsheep.
<fappy> mirthsheep
<@OutofOrder> mirthsheap
<fappy> mirthcheap
<@OutofOrder> (what is mirths)
<Muzer> sheap?
<LeTotalKiller> Mirthcheap.
<Muzer> oh
<Muzer> lol
<fappy> Fuck this game, I gotta work lol
<DarkOne> mirthchap
* fappy is now known as nappy
<LeTotalKiller> Mirthcap.
<Muzer> Mirthcarp
<schaf> girthcarp
<Muzer> oh dear
<LeTotalKiller> Girthscarp.
<nappy> mirthcop - on duty looking for sorrows!
<DarkOne> [17:17] <fappy> Fuck this game, I gotta work lol
<Muzer> Girthscap
<schaf> girthcap
<Muzer> Girthcape
<DarkOne> girthscape
<Muzer> girthescape
<LeTotalKiller> Girthescaper.
<Muzer> Girthescaped
<@OutofOrder> can we do three words?
<GreeN> youre really scraping the barrel now
<Muzer> yeah, OutofOrder
<DarkOne> well, we might not have a choice
<LeTotalKiller> Girthrescaped.
<DarkOne> what's that?
<LeTotalKiller> Isn't rescaped a thing?
<DarkOne> in what language?
<GreeN> if your girth is a garden
<@OutofOrder> in your mind maybe
<DarkOne> girthescapes
<LeTotalKiller> Well, tell me what is mirth and then you can call me crazy.
<DarkOne> mirth is when people are happy
<DarkOne> or celebrating something
<DarkOne> I think more like the latter
<@OutofOrder> firthescapes
<GreeN> isnt it one of the things the 3 wise men brought jesus
<Muzer> OutofOrder: well played
<schaf> lol
<Muzer> firhescapes
<LeTotalKiller> Firsthescapes?
<LeTotalKiller> Fireescapes.
<Muzer> haha
<@OutofOrder> nice!
<DarkOne> scapes is a word?
<schaf> ireescapes
<Muzer> scape is
<Muzer> so I'm sure we can have scapes
<Muzer> we can call it an abbreviation of landscapes :p
<Muzer> hireescapes
<LeTotalKiller> I'm fine with dropping [17:21:23] <LeTotalKiller> Firsthescapes?.
* ssm has quit (Ping timeout)
<DarkOne> fireescapes
<Muzer> LeTotalKiller: we did :p
<LeTotalKiller> Boo!
<nappy> hiredescapes - 3 words?
<@OutofOrder> (i realy don't know how this was valid: <Muzer> firhescapes )
<Muzer> nappy: hired escapes
<Muzer> two words :P
<DarkOne> 2 words
<nappy> fuck you, it's 3 :p
<LeTotalKiller> Better go to work. :P
<LeTotalKiller> Get to it, even.
<nappy> :(
<DarkOne> worky!
<Muzer> OutofOrder: oh, that was supposed to be 3 words :p
<Muzer> I assumed you'd done fir the scapes :P
<@OutofOrder> ohh
<schaf> OutofOhh
<LeTotalKiller> So where will we start from?
<Muzer> firedescapes
<GreeN> outofworder
<Muzer> I don't want to go back to girth :P
<DarkOne> firedescape
<Muzer> firedescape
<LeTotalKiller> Firesescape.
<Muzer> er
<Muzer> why did I say the same thing :P
<DarkOne> fireescape
<DarkOne> no wait
<schaf> -.-
<LeTotalKiller> Looper.
<DarkOne> we used that already
<Muzer> no
<Muzer> we've had fireescapes
<Muzer> I think
<LeTotalKiller> You kept repeating it. :P
<Muzer> not fireescape
<DarkOne> we should escape from escape
<@OutofOrder> firescape
<DarkOne> firecape
<Muzer> firescrape
<LeTotalKiller> Firescope.
<LeTotalKiller> Aw.
<Muzer> aw
<Muzer> firecap
* CassoAWAY (Casso@ has joined #worms
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<DarkOne> we can actually get back to code now
<LeTotalKiller> Firecop.
<DarkOne> firecope
<LeTotalKiller> Firecode.
<Muzer> firecode
* CassoAWAY is now known as Casso
<GreeN> direcode
<LeTotalKiller> Oh gtg.
<DarkOne> LTK totally ninja'd you
<Muzer> hirecode
<schaf> tirecode
<Muzer> tyrecode
<DarkOne> tiecode
<@OutofOrder> nope
<LeTotalKiller> Tyredcode.
<DarkOne> phew :)
<Muzer> who won there?
<LeTotalKiller> Ahh.
<@OutofOrder> D1
<Muzer> aw
<DarkOne> tiecode, then
<LeTotalKiller> He did.
<LeTotalKiller> Tiedcode.
<schaf> piecode
<@OutofOrder> nope
<Muzer> liedcode
<Muzer> oh dear
<schaf> ledcode
<Muzer> I can see this getting to dead
<Muzer> lol
<DarkOne> leadcode
<@OutofOrder> deadcode!
<GreeN> deacode
<LeTotalKiller> Deadcode!
<GreeN> aw
<@OutofOrder> -T
<GreeN> oh wait mine was accidentally valid
<@OutofOrder> oh shit
<LeTotalKiller> Gentlemently.
<Muzer> NO
<GreeN> xd
<@OutofOrder> GreeN restarted the game
<LeTotalKiller> Thanks green!
<Muzer> peacode
<LeTotalKiller> *GreeN
<LeTotalKiller> So I have the win now.
<LeTotalKiller> [17:27:20] <GreeN> deacode
<LeTotalKiller> [17:27:21] <DarkOne> FINISH IT
<LeTotalKiller> [17:27:21] <LeTotalKiller> Deadcode!
<LeTotalKiller> Ok cyas.
<Muzer> oh, I see