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Quote #802

June 6, 2014
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* Alice has joined #Help
<Alice> What am I doing here ?
<StepS> hi
<StepS> Dunno
<StepS> What do you mean?
<Alice> Idk I'm lost
<StepS> oh
* Alice has left #Help
* HPdator has joined #Help
<StepS> Alice in the Wonderland
* HPdator has left #Help
<StepS> Seems legit
* LeTotalKiller has joined #Help
* TAL has joined #Help
<`dbanet> that name rules
<`dbanet> really
<StepS> ?
<TAL> cak
<`dbanet> "Alice"
<`dbanet> the name
<StepS> lol
* TAL has left #Help