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Quote #886

Submitted by:Mega`Adnan on June 13, 2015
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[12:35:08] Mega`Adnan> Oh Protochakras
[12:35:21] Mega`Adnan> Bless all the universes
[12:35:23] `ProtoStar`LuX> bananas
[12:35:27] Mega`Adnan> Yes
[12:35:38] `ProtoStar`LuX> I will forward your regards
[12:35:43] `ProtoStar`LuX> to all the entities over there
[12:35:53] `ProtoStar`LuX> that which is known to me, and that is which is to others
[12:35:59] `ProtoStar`LuX> and that which is unknown to everyone
[12:35:48] Mega`Adnan> Thanks :D