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June 27, 2015
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9:31:17 AM lousk: why doesnt the teleport setting work with hostingbuddy always
9:32:03 AM lousk: seems like if i have >4 teams in game, it always makes us place worms in the beginning
9:45:23 AM KRD: Means there's not enough room for all the worms on the map, lousk.
9:45:35 AM KRD: You need a bigger one, or a more complex one.
9:45:44 AM lousk: o,o weird solution
9:45:50 AM lousk: why not just set the worm count lower then
9:45:56 AM WTF-8: stop blaming HostingBuddy x)
9:46:13 AM WTF-8: lousk, just set it yourself
9:46:14 AM lousk: i didnt even know maps have different sizes
9:46:25 AM lousk: tried, didnt work
9:46:28 AM lousk: in hostingbuddy that is
9:46:35 AM KRD: Well, the ones in PNG format can be bigger than 1920×696.
9:46:47 AM KRD: That's the standard for BIT and LEV ones.
9:47:28 AM lousk: okkkaaay... im just using the in game generated ones
9:47:30 AM KRD: For the random ones generated by the game, there's a complexity slider in the map editor, but you can't really get to that if you're using HostingBuddy.
9:47:42 AM lousk: oh okay
9:47:50 AM lousk: so i guess i have to do portforwarding ;P
9:47:50 AM KRD: Need to host the game the good old fashioned way.
9:48:04 AM lousk: well thanks
9:48:04 AM KRD: Or just toss your router out of the window. :D
9:48:12 AM KRD: That's always the alternative.
9:48:13 AM lousk: i hev considered that
9:48:20 AM KRD: I really hate routers.
9:52:01 AM KRD:
9:52:10 AM KRD: Could do that with a router too.