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July 18, 2015
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1:07:05 PM SpyVsSpyFan: !yn will the Ultra League get many users on it?
1:07:07 PM RandomBot: Ofc no.
1:07:12 PM `X-Force`: !yn will I be marian's fate?
1:07:12 PM RandomBot: Hell yeah!
1:07:17 PM MarianRV: oh no...
1:07:22 PM MarianRV: !yn Is Adnan female?
1:07:23 PM RandomBot: Hell no!
1:07:26 PM SpyVsSpyFan: !yn Will I be Godmax's fate?
1:07:26 PM Godmax: Marian be there august 1st max scheme goes WO
1:07:27 PM MarianRV: ok xD
1:07:27 PM RandomBot: Yeah... No.
1:07:29 PM Mega`Adnan: xDD
1:07:34 PM Mega`Adnan: Adnan-chan failed
1:07:45 PM MarianRV: xD
1:07:46 PM `X-Force`: !yn is marian female?
1:07:46 PM Mega`Adnan: !yn Adnan-Senpai?
1:07:46 PM RandomBot: Dunno.
1:07:46 PM RandomBot: Impossible.
1:07:50 PM MarianRV: !yn Will I win any medal?
1:07:50 PM RandomBot: Can't be.
1:07:53 PM Mega`Adnan: Dunno my ass
1:07:53 PM MarianRV: orly....