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Quote #920

July 18, 2015
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1:09:02 PM `X-Force`: !yn Will max scheme get approved from the international Worm Olympics committee?
1:09:02 PM RandomBot: Hell yeah!
1:09:04 PM dt-Chelsea: pff Marian ;/
1:09:12 PM SpyVsSpyFan: !ban Taner from the Worm Olympics
1:09:13 PM Godmax: second time yes
1:09:13 PM Mega`Adnan: Use North Korea
1:09:14 PM Mega`Adnan: xD
1:09:17 PM MarianRV: xD
1:09:17 PM Godmax: so it will be xforce it will be
1:09:18 PM spleenMOD: you are playing for Uk then?
1:09:23 PM MarianRV: !yn Godmax noob?
1:09:23 PM RandomBot: Yeah... No.
1:09:31 PM Godmax: absolutely not
1:09:35 PM MarianRV: RandomBot,you betray me way more than last year..
1:09:36 PM Mega`Adnan: !yn Will Marian be my small brother?
1:09:37 PM RandomBot: Yes.
1:09:39 PM Mega`Adnan: LOL