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July 18, 2015
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1:09:58 PM `X-Force`: !yn Will max scheme REALLY get approved from the international Worm Olympics committee?
1:09:58 PM Mega`Adnan: xD
1:09:59 PM RandomBot: Very likely.
1:10:03 PM Mega`Adnan: Nissan car
1:10:05 PM Godmax: hehe
1:10:08 PM MarianRV: !yn Max Scheme sux?
1:10:08 PM RandomBot: Only MarianRV knows.
1:10:09 PM Godmax: third time stop it now
1:10:12 PM Godmax: it will get approved
1:10:14 PM MarianRV: hmm,only me knows...
1:10:19 PM MarianRV: YEA,IT SUX! xD
1:10:24 PM `X-Force`: !yn does Marian think positive about godmax scheme?
1:10:24 PM RandomBot: Dunno.
1:10:24 PM Godmax: BULLSHIT
1:10:29 PM MarianRV: :P
1:10:33 PM Mega`Adnan: !yn Will Artec br my GF?
1:10:33 PM RandomBot: Not in this universe.
1:10:36 PM `X-Force`: !yn does everyone like deep inside the Godmax-scheme?
1:10:36 PM MarianRV: ah,missed RandomBot so much <3
1:10:36 PM RandomBot: Ofc no.
1:10:36 PM RandomBot: <3 MarianRV
1:10:39 PM Mega`Adnan: *faints*
1:10:41 PM spleenMOD: playerlist: Godmax, X-Force, SpyvsSpyfan123, Senator, Degox, spleen17, MarianRV, nonentity, Chelsea, Triad, Zwitter, csongi
1:10:56 PM sK`rUN`ZaR: ZaR ropa?
1:10:57 PM Godmax: This random bot means dirty business
1:11:05 PM MarianRV: ya
1:11:05 PM Mega`Adnan: LL randombot
1:11:09 PM MarianRV: *@Run
1:11:11 PM Mega`Adnan: LOL*
1:11:20 PM SpyVsSpyFan: !yn Is taner's cock small?
1:11:22 PM MarianRV: !yn Any males here?
1:11:22 PM RandomBot: rather No than Yes.
1:11:22 PM RandomBot: Yeah... No.