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July 18, 2015
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1:22:16 PM MarianRV: should have participated
1:22:16 PM MarianRV: raped ya 6-0 yesterday xD
1:22:17 PM UC`Triad`dS: well
1:22:19 PM `X-Force`: well ya not gonna rape anyone today
1:22:19 PM Godmax: If you are a raper get out Marian no pigs allowed
1:22:20 PM UC`Triad`dS: this is wo
1:22:22 PM Godmax: now lets start this manly fight
1:22:25 PM UC`Triad`dS: diffrent triad then ever :D
1:22:27 PM spleenMOD: registered players: Godmax, X-Force, SpyvsSpyfan123, Senator, Degox, spleen17, MarianRV, nonentity, Chelsea, Triad, Zwitter, csongi, rUNaW4y, XanKriegor
1:22:28 PM MarianRV: 8 mins godmax
1:22:35 PM Godmax: 14
1:22:39 PM Godmax: xanovic wild
1:22:41 PM `X-Force`: 20
1:22:43 PM MarianRV: hmm
1:22:48 PM SpyVsSpyFan: xd
1:22:54 PM SpyVsSpyFan: XD
1:23:01 PM MarianRV: sqrt(121)=?
1:23:22 PM sK`rUN`ZaR: 11
1:23:24 PM slk-Twiddle`ZaR: do i have to sign up ?
1:23:35 PM SpyVsSpyFan: ya
1:23:36 PM spleenMOD: Welcome to the WO ZaR tournament! To join, send your nickname, clan, country, and whether you can host by PM to me ?