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Quote #942

July 18, 2015
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1:24:18 PM Godmax: Let me put it this way: I am ready
1:24:34 PM `X-Force`: !yn is godmax ready to lose?
1:24:34 PM RandomBot: Very likely.
1:24:34 PM SpyVsSpyFan: sign up, twiddle
1:24:50 PM SpyVsSpyFan: !yn will godmax commit suicide?
1:24:52 PM RandomBot: Probably.
1:24:55 PM Godmax: bullshit
1:25:03 PM `X-Force`: !yn will spy commit suicide?
1:25:04 PM RandomBot: Yeah... No.
1:25:29 PM SpyVsSpyFan: !yn do you love me?
1:25:30 PM Godmax: I forbid this bot on August 1st when its about serious business
1:25:31 PM `XanKriegor: hi Marian
1:25:31 PM RandomBot: Yes.