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July 18, 2015
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1:26:31 PM MarianRV: !yn RandomBot,are you sexy?
1:26:31 PM RandomBot: No... But yes.
1:26:36 PM MarianRV is joining a game: adnan rh
1:27:05 PM Godmax: they are playing with each other silently dont worry nothing will happen
1:27:05 PM Mega`Adnan: Well
1:27:09 PM spleenMOD: Welcome to the WO ZaR tournament! To join, send your nickname, clan, country, and whether you can host by PM to me ?
1:27:11 PM Mega`Adnan: it was bronze match xD
1:27:19 PM UC`Triad`dS: Yo Godmax
1:27:21 PM spleenMOD: Use Roper maps, 2 worms per player, all game bo1
1:27:24 PM Godmax: Yo
1:27:24 PM UC`Triad`dS: Can't wait for your event
1:27:31 PM Godmax: God bless you
1:27:37 PM Godmax: me neither
1:27:45 PM `X-Force`: what a surprise
1:27:49 PM `X-Force`: !yn is Triad lying?
1:27:49 PM RandomBot: Yeah... No.
1:27:58 PM UC`Triad`dS: You know
1:27:58 PM `X-Force`: !yn is Triad telling the truth?
1:27:59 PM RandomBot: Can't be.
1:28:05 PM spleenMOD: Godmax, X-Force, SpyvsSpyfan123, Senator, Degox, spleen17, MarianRV, nonentity, Chelsea, Triad, Zwitter, csongi, rUNaW4y, XanKriegor, Twiddle