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July 18, 2015
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1:28:10 PM Mega`Adnan: !yn X-Force is new galaxy?
1:28:10 PM RandomBot: Ofc no.
1:28:10 PM MarianRV: !yn RandomBot,you liar?
1:28:10 PM RandomBot: Hell yeah!
1:28:10 PM Mega`Adnan: ew
1:28:11 PM slk-Twiddle`ZaR: yo
1:28:11 PM UC`Triad`dS: There are image for each medal
1:28:14 PM MarianRV: uh-oh
1:28:16 PM MarianRV: everything
1:28:19 PM MarianRV: WAS A LIE!
1:28:22 PM UC`Triad`dS: If you have idea for Maxgame medal, tell me, will try to make smth
1:28:22 PM `X-Force`: !yn X-Force is new universe?
1:28:22 PM RandomBot: rather No than Yes.
1:28:27 PM Mega`Adnan: xDDD
1:28:30 PM `X-Force`: !yn X-Force is new cosmos?
1:28:30 PM RandomBot: Yeah... No.
1:28:30 PM UC`Triad`dS: Or it will have default medal
1:28:31 PM Godmax: well
1:28:37 PM SpyVsSpyFan: !rename taner to TSR
1:28:38 PM MarianRV: Triad
1:28:41 PM Mega`Adnan: !yn Am I fat?
1:28:42 PM RandomBot: Probably.
1:28:42 PM Godmax: how big what are we talking about here
1:28:43 PM slk-Twiddle`ZaR: who am i playing? lol
1:28:48 PM Mega`Adnan: Probably
1:28:50 PM MarianRV: will Mine Madness Cup #9 start before September? xD
1:28:52 PM Mega`Adnan: 25% fat
1:28:53 PM Mega`Adnan: xD