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July 18, 2015
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1:28:54 PM Godmax: how detailed how colourful how artistic
1:29:05 PM UC`Triad`dS: Well, as small as a medal in wo, dunno certain size
1:29:21 PM UC`Triad`dS: but smaller than 50x50 probably
1:29:27 PM `XanKriegor: i got idea about medals
1:29:29 PM UC`Triad`dS: cool
1:29:33 PM `XanKriegor: a shotgun xD
1:29:35 PM UC`Triad`dS: 3 medals for UC from Darts
1:29:36 PM UC`Triad`dS: :D
1:29:36 PM Godmax: is it even big enough to see without a huge magnifying glass
1:29:44 PM Mega`Adnan: Gj UC
1:29:48 PM MarianRV: 3?
1:29:51 PM Mega`Adnan: !yn gj for UC?
1:29:51 PM RandomBot: Ofc no.
1:29:53 PM MarianRV: oh yea,Adnan
1:29:55 PM Mega`Adnan: ew
1:29:55 PM UC`Triad`dS: Me Gold