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Quote #993

October 22, 2015
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*** Nich has joined #Help
Nich: any one that know how you play white a friend?
WTF-8: !how to play
Help: To play, you need to either host a game or join another person's game. For more information, see .
Nich: what if i cant conect
WTF-8: !can't connect
Help: Can't join a game? Do the seconds tick by but nothing happens? The host of the game you are trying to join may need to change some settings to get it to work. Tell them to look at to learn how to make their games joinable by others.
Help: If you can't join any game at all, it's most likely because you haven't updated your game. You can download the latest W:A update from .
WTF-8: get shrekt m8
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