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March 18, 2010
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[dt`Mablak`b2b] Wait a minute, why did the chat phone appear on the right side of the screen?
[dt`Mablak`b2b] I never noticed that
[NogardDerNaerok] Hah.
[NogardDerNaerok] It migrates.
[ropa-cfc] because your worm was somewere on the left top
[dt`Mablak`b2b] It's like it switches sides to annoy my when I'm roping
[dt`Mablak`b2b] Clearly not designed for warmers
[ropa-cfc] i rope so fast I actually touch the phone
[PhiSfX] lol
[dt`Mablak`b2b] Who's there, when you answer it?
Submitted by: zexorz on December 28, 2015
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[20:56:31] Zexorz changes topic to 'Welcome to UC's IRC Channel | http://ultimateclan.gg | http://i.imgur.com/qUp6aA5.gif | Somehow UCVerse is alive'
[20:56:31] UCVerse (~UCVerse@UCVerse.addict.gamesurge) Quit (EOF from client)
April 13, 2010
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Spadge made Wormnet in 7 days. In the first day he created the lobbies and the channels as a habitat for the wormers. In the second day he created the chatrooms that allowed wormers to communicate. On the third day he created the schemes for the wormers to interact amongst each other. On the forth day he created the rules that would reign those schemes. On the fifth day he created the clans set to group wormers together as families. He then created the leagues for these clans to compete. And on the 7th day he made WWP just because there was nothing better to do in that day.

First there was Boggy Eve and Adamworm, and they were in a ranked paradise of awesomeness and league channels, isolated from the evil of mankind and their creations. Then Boggy Eve cowed, and they were banned from the paradise. They were kicked outside #Paradise to a world of dangers.

Mankind, or their inbred children, influenced by the devil of Satan started creating all the shit that sunders the worm spirit, a phenom known as the opening of the shoppdora box, from which came all the abomination schemes.

Then Spadge sent his son to wormnet, to heal people away from their ignorance. Cure them from the bad habits of playing WxW or anchored BnG. But he was killed and thus the community remains sick in both soul and body while the Illuminati shrug in their graves...

But there is still hope...
July 10, 2012
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<OutofOrder> * SCS (0@ Quit (Quit: Error while calling FreeObj function (Bad data type (TObject required but TAssHole found)))
<OutofOrder> "TA asshole"? have more respect for Lex !
Submitted by: LeTotalKiller on June 12, 2013
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#1 piki1802™: Auto cucumber sorry
#1 piki1802™: Correct*
Submitted by: Bloopy on January 2, 2012
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<Balee> I'm losing my mind due to hunger.
<Balee> Should have lunch.
* Balee is now known as Baleeat
<GreeN> im losing my mind due to hungarian
October 16, 2014
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< Pizzasheet > to be old school you must first come back after not playing for 10 years , then say wtf about roper being 15sec. Then rattle of a list of names you remember but that knowone else does
, say you were once pro, then rope like shit for half a game, blame your keyboard, call everyone noobs, say worms has changed and then vanish !

just from what ive learnt.
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<M3ntal> [14:20] <M3ntal> C64 Basic > Acorn Basic > Turbo Pascal 7 > Java > C/C++ > Prolog/Scheme > PHP/MySQL/Javascript
<M3ntal> [14:20] <M3ntal> Prolog fucked me up
<M3ntal> [14:21] <M3ntal> it's more recursive than Kiros's family tree
November 5, 2013
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<StepS> here's the proper link: http://worms2d.info/WormNAT2
<StepS> download the archive, extract it to the W:A's installation directory
<martini> thanks
<StepS> then open Settings -> Advanced settings
<martini> bye bye :P
<StepS> and enable
* martini (Username@no.address.for.you) has left #Help
<StepS> WAIT
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<Muzer> say to him
<Muzer> become bisexual
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> Avast. I will gpo forever-- BYE
<Muzer> !ag YAY!
<Muzer> !ag /me celebrates
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <f4st`e2> rofl
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> byee... But i would like a final word.
<HuskyDog> LOL no1 cares!
* ToDehLeever (~TSR@host86-154-177-13.range86-154.btcentralplus.com) has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
* ToDehLeever (~TSR@host86-169-72-32.range86-169.btcentralplus.com) has joined #worms
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> whenever you think of me go here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNMDdh-H6Fs Many Many people have fallen to the Darkside in the past. ANd many Many people will fall to the darkside. Powerfull Lords will hack webbsites in their attempt to destroy worms. But Worms will survive. Noobs. Ropers. Intermdiaite players will thrive allthoug the golden ages are lon gon
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November 8, 2015
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`Pn`RichUK> what is cwt?
`Pn`RichUK> capture Walrus Tail ?
Submitted by: GodiTo on April 22, 2010
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Msciciel september 13, 2008

"pfff Im MsC u last say im Pro i for me Are"
Submitted by: Balee on September 11, 2009
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<ropa> knock knock
<ropa> *click* BANG BANG BANG
<ropa> caching caching caching
<ropa> profit.
<Balee> Who's there?
<ropa> a robber
<ropa> I've actually just independently invented a knock knock joke
<ropa> who's there?
<ropa> doctor
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<Bloopywork> rofl, got a message on phone at work, guy said "I made a big BLOOP"
<doben> was your father, eh? xD
March 16, 2015
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<GreeN> stupid mirc
<schafii> ?
<GreeN> i kept coming to this channel and thinking to myself "wtf, why is ltk always talking about the same shit over and over"
<OutofOrder> Your face is ltk always talking about the same shit over. [4845]
<GreeN> but i just realised the chat has been scrolled up for like the last 3 days
<schafii> lol
January 18, 2017
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<Zexorz> Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
<Zexorz> >>> 999+1 is 1000
<Zexorz> False
<Zexorz> just python things
<Zexorz> i had whole site ready in python, except this little bug in production
<Zexorz> and the issue was indeed caused by it
<Zexorz> but... when i did print 999+1 it made 1000, then why false...
<StepS> because you forgot to praise the snake god
<StepS> so he denied your calculation
<StepS> you may think what you want of its outcome
<StepS> but the snake god says it's false
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July 24, 2016
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** exterminador ** joined the channel.
** Corujao ** joined the channel.
Corujao> !host normal
>> HostingBuddy hosted a game (Intermediate for Corujao).
** Corujao ** has left WormNET (Joined Game).
exterminador> !host trike race
exterminador> !host trike race
exterminador> !host trick race
exterminador> !host trick rope
exterminador> !host race trick
exterminador> !host rope trick
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July 1, 2009
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<Rioter> wqdb is fixed
<Rioter> anyone who says otherwise is a liar
<Balee> Notice: Undefined index: captcha in /home/admin/wqdb.org/quotefunctions.php on line 175
<Balee> 'kay, works.
Submitted by: Muzer on September 22, 2010
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<muzer> but no - I haven't even SEEN a bungee race before, literally
<muzer> so I'm watching this one
<muzer> lol
<Wormmaniac> I've never seen one either.
<Marach> i've seen a replay once
<Marach> it's basically a rope race with WR's rope
January 24, 2010
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<Byte> I also want WA to do the dishes
<Byte> could I have a build for that?
<Deadcode> as long as you don't mind having big holes in your dishes
<Deadcode> from bazooka craters
<Byte> can't you just nuke them?
<Deadcode> ah yes, then they'd be sterile... but not clean
<Deadcode> unless the rising water cleans them ;)
<Deadcode> then they're lost at sea
<Deadcode> I suppose you could napalm 'em!
<DocOne> interesting!
<DocOne> every breakfast you can say "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" then!
July 15, 2013
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<StepS> duscussed lots of times, still nothing
<LeTotalKiller> I'll duscuss your face.
<LeTotalKiller> Also, StepS, "max-powered banana" would've been way better.
<StepS> no
<StepS> duscuss me
<LeTotalKiller> Or "a power 15 banana", maybe.
* LeTotalKiller duscusses Stepan step by step.
<StepS> it's not just 'power 15 banana'
<StepS> it's a 15-powered Banana Bomb thrown at that point of time and space without the Golden Banana shitty upgrade enabled by the hand of Kawoosh´s most brave worm, while Double Damage was active
<StepS> THIS is the kawoosh-powered-banana
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Flamie: 3%!@#%^!@#$LRKL@#R#@
Flamie: if(isset($_POST['sumbit1']))
Flamie: is not fickign working
Kiros: Maybe because you typed sumbit instead of submit.
Flamie: that makes no sense
Flamie: <input>
Flamie: this is the button in the form
Flamie: if I click on it
Kiros: Kiros: Maybe because you typed sumbit instead of submit.
Flamie: !@$K!@R;23rtk1234
Flamie: t5k134t
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August 19, 2009
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[23:18:03] <KRD> Google ads just managed to offer me something I'm actually interested in for the first time after all these years.
[23:18:21] <KRD> RACE DUCKS
[23:18:21] <KRD> Professional Rubber Ducks Producer - Different designs available.
[23:18:21] <KRD> www.leewing.com.hk
[23:19:35] <Balee_MOD> What page were you looking at, lol?
[23:20:19] <KRD> My Gmail outbox. D:
[23:20:25] <Balee_MOD> Löl.
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[19:40:36] <DarkOne> how long does it take to break out of a prison once you start?
[19:40:51] * Enty (~KTamas@ has joined #worms
[19:40:59] <Enty> ,back.
June 1, 2010
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* Wyv|work changes topic to 'Latest version: v3.6.29.0 | WKB: http://worms2d.info | FB: http://feedback.worms2d.info | WT: http://wormtube.worms2d.info | WMDB: http://wmdb.org | WSC: http://wsc.wmdb.org/ | WQDB: http://wqdb.org | WSE: http://nanacide.com/worstshotever | Mumble: http://worms2d.info/Mumble | My spoon is too big.'
* DarkOne has joined #worms
<DarkOne> Ridiculous topic
<DarkOne> one's spoon can never be too big
<DarkOne> Wyv, by what standard do you measure spoon size?
<Ray`> I measure it by how much icecream can one hold.
<DarkOne> Quite an interesting idea!
<DarkOne> but can there be enough ice cream?
<DarkOne> or (perish the thought!) too much?
<KRD> There definitely can be too much ice cream.
<KRD> Unless you portion it.
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January 5, 2013
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<DarkOne> !fart
<@wormiverse> DarkOne has farted out 42 Scoville units.
<LeTotalRecorder> -"
<@wormiverse> !fart
<@RoH`chakkman> !fart
<LeTotalRecorder> !fart
<@wormiverse> wormiverse has farted out 4 Scoville units.
<DarkOne> The end.
<DarkOne> Nothing beats 42.
<@wormiverse> RoH`chakkman has farted out 34 Scoville units.
<@RoH`chakkman> Rolf
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Submitted by: LeTotalKiller on March 9, 2015
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<@Piki1802> homo tried to teach me notching
<@Piki1802> Komo*
<@schaf> oO
<@LeTotalKiller> Rofl.
<@Piki1802> I swear to god I pressed autocucu accidently
<@schaf> you komosexuals
<@Piki1802> xD
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00:11:30.94] ??? Teletubbies (sL`fr4nk) starts turn
[00:11:35.04] [sL`Tenchi] Your luck is amazing.
[00:11:44.84] ??? Teletubbies (sL`fr4nk) fires Corda Ninja
[00:11:48.50] [sL`Tenchi] I'm a nerd who doesn't fuck 2 women in one night and I can't even beat you at elite.
[00:11:49.54] ??? Teletubbies (sL`fr4nk) fires Dinamite
[00:11:54.58] [sL`Tenchi] That pisses me off.
April 29, 2011
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<KRD> Lex, Lex, Lex!
<KRD> I've found it.
<KRD> It's alt + Q.
<KRD> And it's.
<KRD> Great.
<Omikron> Alt + Q?
<Omikron> What does that do?
<KRD> It rhymes.
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[00:28] * nv^us`Fenix has joined #tcb
[00:28] <nv> hey
[00:28] <KRD> 'Ello there.
[00:29] <nv> this the cal team we playin tonigt??
[00:29] <KRD> Err, this is a Worms channel. No CS allowed!
[00:29] <KRD> So nope. This TCB = The Challenge Base.
[00:30] * nv^us`Fenix has left #tcb
[00:30] <Wyv> hah, this had to happen
[00:31] <Wyv> any abbreviation = an abbreviation in CS
[00:41] <DarkOne> perhaps they have a challenge base too!
[00:41] <DarkOne> "go a whole minute without being a jackass"
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