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Submitted by: Konar6
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<severin> sometimes i wish i could compile people over the internet, using the "make sense" command
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<+CyberShadow> I'm off to bed, hf
* CyberShadow is now known as CyberZzzZzz
<+CyberZzzZzz> hmm, I found some porridge
* +CyberZzzZzz eats it
<+madewokherd> The porridge takes 163 damage.
<+madewokherd> The porridge is defeated.
<+madewokherd> You gain 0 XP.
* +CyberZzzZzz is now SATIATED!
January 18, 2010
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<Stormy> last time i spoke to him
<Stormy> i believe i was 12 yrs old
<Stormy> so.
<KRD> Hah.
<Stormy> 7 yrs ago
<Stormy> :D
<CMV> damn this community is pretty old now. =)
<KRD> It sounds frightening when you do the math.
<Stormy> lol YEA
<Stormy> i mean, im not longer jailbait =(
November 14, 2009
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<DarkOne> one thing I don't get though about final fantasy
<DarkOne> what's the deal with moogles and chocobos?
<DarkOne> how do they get to those different planets?
<DarkOne> do they shoot spores into outer space like the zerg?
<Mablak> Nah, every final fantasy takes place on the same planet
<Mablak> I'm sure they'll tie it all in
<ronisaurus> but i think they just dont care
<ronisaurus> and will never tie them together
<ronisaurus> cuz whats the point in it being a fantasy if they tell you everything :)
<Mablak> Well what's the point in it being final if the series never ends
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<CyberShadow> Lex: you suck
<CyberShadow> please stand by for explanation
<Lex> lol
<Lex> ok
May 18, 2009
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<ropa|web> your BR are easy
<Wyv[SfX]|work> so's your gf
<ropa|web> you just press enter and you win
<ropa|web> my gf you just enter her to win
<Wyv[SfX]|work> lolz
June 11, 2009
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<Balee> <Wyv> or she'll be the first to swing around lightning poi <--- LOLOLOL!
<Wyv> was that lame joke this good or am i detecting sarcasm?
<Balee> i liked it, Wyv! :D
<FFie> it was good for a lame joke
<Wyv> why thanks!
* Wyv bows
<Auto> yeah, it was lame for a good joke
<Wyv> why bows!
* Wyv thanks
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<Deadcode> What could I know about it anyway, I never actually learned Java
* Byte creates a WeakReference to Deadcode and then sets him to null
<Deadcode> heh, I don't know whether to laugh or be insulted
<Byte> you're about to be garbage collected
* Byte waves
September 14, 2010
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NNNxKilobyte: remember, even a dead clock is accurate twice a day!
NNNxBytor: maybe, but you are a digital clock....
Submitted by: Bloopy on December 20, 2009
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<Zogger> left my phone on pillow and the email woke me up..
<Bloopy> what a techoguy
<Bloopy> I never read an email on a phone yet :}
<Zogger> i normally ignore it
<Bloopy> you could get some interesting dreams if you read some penis enlargement spam while half asleep, Zogger
<Zogger> i have interesting enough dreams
<Bloopy> (about small penises)
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[21:14:17] [KickassMarc] hey admins! In the wormolympics page my name is KiSSassMarc but my name is KICKASSMARC!!!
November 8, 2015
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`Pn`RichUK> what is cwt?
`Pn`RichUK> capture Walrus Tail ?
February 8, 2016
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[00:03:53] [cfc`Komito`dS] Why did the Horse skip his turn?
[00:03:58] [cfc`Komito`dS] So the Husk could get to the other side xD
[00:04:02] [cfc`Komito`dS] Badum tssss!
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[16:20] <KRD> Who said you could talk this much while I was gone.
[16:20] <TSR-4aM> ME!
[16:20] <TSR-4aM> And frankly dude, I'm bigger than you
[16:20] <TSR-4aM> So don't mess
[16:21] <KRD> ROFL.
[16:21] <TSR-4aM> <7
[16:21] <TSR-4aM> Lol
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<Enty> Etch never failed on me.
<Enty> neither did Lenny.
<Enty> actually that reminds me, I gotta do an apt-get update.
<Muzer> I'm basing my wii linux distro off Enty
<Muzer> whoops
<Muzer> Etch
<Muzer> lol
<Enty> HAH.
<Enty> perv.
<Old_Bloopbeard> basing it off Enty implies basing it off Etch
<Enty> that's true.
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December 18, 2013
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WebSnoop: English> Why can't I see the flags?
WebSnoop: Zexorz> refresh page :P
WebSnoop: English> Refresh the page*
WebSnoop: Zexorz> don't correct me pls :<
WebSnoop: English> Don't correct me please*
WebSnoop: Zexorz> fuck u English :<
WebSnoop: English> you*
WebSnoop: Zexorz> ok...
March 18, 2010
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[dt`Mablak`b2b] Wait a minute, why did the chat phone appear on the right side of the screen?
[dt`Mablak`b2b] I never noticed that
[NogardDerNaerok] Hah.
[NogardDerNaerok] It migrates.
[ropa-cfc] because your worm was somewere on the left top
[dt`Mablak`b2b] It's like it switches sides to annoy my when I'm roping
[dt`Mablak`b2b] Clearly not designed for warmers
[ropa-cfc] i rope so fast I actually touch the phone
[PhiSfX] lol
[dt`Mablak`b2b] Who's there, when you answer it?
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<DJ_Canada> lol I've been wanting to comment on WMDB forever now, but it won't let me, but turns yout you said what I was going too =P
<Bloopy> you know what the colour of snow is, right?
<DJ_Canada> no....
<Bloopy> that's the question on WMDB which you have to answer if you want your comment to go through :P
<DJ_Canada> lol
<DJ_Canada> I thought it was to change background color
<Bloopy> if you can't figure that out, it's no surprise you can't host in WA :D maybe your router is idiot-proof
<DJ_Canada> so whats the color of snow anyways? blue? =)
Submitted by: pizzasheet on September 22, 2014
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** Ada-Wong ** joined the channel.
Ada-Wong> !close
bfwPIZZASHEETae> you ada wong numba
bfwPIZZASHEETae> for wong tongs
bfwPIZZASHEETae> you have the wong tong number
Ada-Wong> Sorry i dont understand choonga loonga language
bfwPIZZASHEETae> i was wong sorry
Submitted by: MichaelGlize on October 15, 2015
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TheWalrus: prod is so OP
TheWalrus: take it out
TheWalrus: stop prod killings now, it's lame as shit
TheWalrus: prod is the AWP of worms
TheWalrus: 1 prod = 1 kill everytime
TheWalrus: I got killed by prod 10 times in the last 10 times i got prodded
TheWalrus: or suffered serious hazard
TheWalrus: to my butt
February 25, 2013
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<PopeOnaRope> hows it going?!
<Lex> fine
<Lex> oh, my chicken just finished cooking
<Lex> i think
<Lex> brb
<Lex> never mind. i'm insane. i wasn't even making chicken
November 26, 2009
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<CyberShadow> I really like Link's character and his facial expressions
<CyberShadow> and the sound he makes when he dies :D
<Wyv> oh, didn't get to hear that, lol
<DarkOne> you suck!
<DarkOne> at... dying...
<DarkOne> never mind!
May 30, 2015
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••• Player joined: Megacristh
WTF-8 to Megacristh: Welcome!
Type "/tellv" to show that you have RubberWorm installed. You have 20 seconds to do that or else I will kick you.
Unrecognized command? Then you have to download RubberWorm. It is a patch which adds many new scheme options.
You can find more info there: http://worms2d.info/RubberWorm. And you can't play or watch Kaos without RubberWorm.
Megacristh to WTF-8: hey
Megacristh to WTF-8: what is rubber?
Megacristh to WTF-8: can you tell me please?
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[FFie] eek!
[FFie] I'm crashing!
[Rioter`GiT`] Nice to hear
[Rioter`GiT`] Send us a postcard while you're there
Submitted by: Balee on April 16, 2010
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<UndeniableSandwich> Although it does occur to me at this point the most odd nick I could actually use is TSR
<Baleeat> Or Pingu.
<UndeniableSandwich> Nope
<Baleeat> Pope.
<Baleeat> !seen Pingu
<Bloopyaway> [[Fast !seen]] Baleeat, sorry, Pingu has not been seen by me.
<UndeniableSandwich> !seen TSR
<Bloopyaway> [[Fast !seen]] UndeniableSandwich, TSR was last seen changing nick to SatanClaus in GameSurge 86wks 4days 33mins 12secs ago.
<UndeniableSandwich> Hah
<Baleeat> See, even Bloopy didn't see Pingu yet.
<UndeniableSandwich> SatanClaus, that was a good one
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June 1, 2010
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<Mablak> Hm I played a WA mission for the first time in years
<Mablak> I was pretty surprised the AI didn't quit on me after it made a mistake
<Mablak> Seems like a feature that could easily be added in, to make the experience closer to online play
<Mablak> It should also have some chat capabilities
<Mablak> Like the ability to say 'I'm going to crash the game unless you surrender right now'
<Mablak> And insults as well, all the good stuff
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[01:54:35] <PaulPower> !8 Who wants CAKE!?
[01:54:35] <ChanServ>PaulPower: Can this question wait? I'm eating my lunch.
September 18, 2015
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bfw`pizzasheet> you really think i could wright a book ?
December 25, 2016
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[Today at 09:02:53] StepS: Due to an omission in SuperFrontendHD, there will be no snow this Christmas. To compensate for this, next christmas will have 2x snow. Apologies for this
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<+Auto> he's english is quite poor.
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