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<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> How could you ever hope to knoiw the threat you face. you whop have never walked on the spammiest of channels of ag. You who have never faced faking or spamming at great scale. You who have forever seen WN trough the pc screen. See it trough the eyes of the spammer !
<MetalSanta> !ag God you're an idiot.
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<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> And now you seek to save worms. Save once and it will onle get condemnded later. How could you ever hope to save wn ? it is doomed. People have fallen to the darkside. And people will fall to the darkside in the future. Until lall that remains is our code ! Our Honour, And storys that will enternation people for generations to come. About the brave worms. The
<MetalSanta> !ag God you're such a huge idiot.
<darKz`-> oh FullWormage has a character limit?
<darKz`-> he wrote even more lol
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> THe only way to stopp the darkside from increasing a power. From faking people. From spamming ag. If it is possibel. Is to mute them with cash. OR else youre lifes may become spammed for evah
<darKz`-> lmfao
<MetalSanta> !ag God you're the biggest retard I've ever seen on WA, and I've been around for 9 years.
<Enty> !ag take that as a compliment from him
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<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> Soon the power core will be full again. And i will become the worst villain of 2009. Bare for my power WN.
<MetalSanta> !ag Not only are you a complete idiot, but these threats would hold more weight if a) you could spell the correctly, b) you weren't an idiot, and c) you weren't 14 years old
<Wyv> "bare"?
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> im actually 16 years old
<darKz`-> bare indeed
<Wyv> how do you unclothe a server
<MetalSanta> !ag Oh well that makes all the difference! Lmao
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> anyways beware of laods of fakes in future. I allmost have the wpoer to do that
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<MetalSanta> !ag Oh no, you know how to log on with someone's COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED nick!?
<MetalSanta> !ag Whatever will we do?
<MetalSanta> !ag Such an idiot.
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> soon i will know how to play games with someomes nick to ;)
<MetalSanta> !ag Yeah, you join a game
<darKz`-> this guy.. is seriously retarded
<MetalSanta> !ag Could you be more of a dumbass?
<MetalSanta> !ag I mean seriously
<darKz`-> and you're right TSR, the biggest one ever
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> it is not that easy. HAve you ever faked someone ?
<MetalSanta> !ag Are you trying to be an idiot, or is it all natural?
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> you need to change ingame flag to wich i cant for the moment do with vista
<MetalSanta> !ag Oh this is fucking priceless, lol
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> we will never find out that answer. It is best left forgotten. Perhaps i thrive on this attention. Perhaps i yust want more quotes on wqdb ?
<darKz`-> this is the part where the villain who is certain of his victory explains his evil plan
<Wyv> and then gets smashed to pieces by the hero?
* W2R has joined #worms
<Enty> I like the fact he still writes "just" as "yust"
<Enty> hi clwo
<darKz`-> M3ntal are you reading this?
<MetalSanta> !ag For one, if you want WQDB quotes, be funny
<W2R> hola clow
<darKz`-> oi reg :)
<MetalSanta> !ag Secondly, I'm actually worried that if I talk to you any longer my IQ is going to become lower by proxy
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> or perhaps the cickel started when i got banned from NNNL is allmost complete and i ahve generated enough power to annoy everyone
<W2R> heya baby
<Wyv> what's a cickel
<darKz`-> rofl
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> How can iQ get lower with proxy ?
<darKz`-> my thoughts exactly
<MetalSanta> !ag Bahahaha
<MetalSanta> !ag I can't tell if you're being serious any more
<Wyv> okay, i think he just made it into wqdb
<W2R> lol
<darKz`-> he yust made it
<MetalSanta> !ag It's too stupid to be real
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> i bet you coul not do it. BUt if i thrive on this low karma on tus. Why not aplaud me ; )
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> why not give me a good reputation instead ?
<MetalSanta> !ag I think Babelfish is broken.
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> what is babelfish ?
<MetalSanta> !ag Oh my god, I'm going to piss myself
<MetalSanta> !ag This is all too fucking hilarious
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> anyways Mentalsanta. What leauge are you on
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> if you give me 10 euro i will go away for an hour
<MetalSanta> !ag I stopped playing league games about 5 years ago
<Wyv> lol
<MetalSanta> !ag Secondly, why the hell would I give you money? This is some quality entertainment I'm getting here
<MetalSanta> !ag I haven't laughed this hard in ages
<darKz`-> i guess he thinks that he can be so annoying that people really pay for him to be gone
<Wyv> laughing at disabled children is cruel =(
<MetalSanta> It's not annoying though, it's fucking hilarious
<MetalSanta> I have the biggest smile on my face ever lol
<darKz`-> i never said it was annoying, it's indeed funny
<Wyv> C:
<Enty> 13:31 <Wyv> laughing at disabled children is cruel =( <- /me giggles
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime> anyways im sorry. I will work to get redeeemed. but homer for know
<Wyv> homer?
<Wyv> d'oh!
<MetalSanta> !ag Dude seriously, I'm gonna have to change my underwear after laughing this hard, stop it
<MetalSanta> !ag This is the funniest shit ever
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <Doubletime>
<MetalSanta> Oh for the love of god someone WQDB this
<MetalSanta> People deserve to see this shit lol