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<Muzer> say to him
<Muzer> become bisexual
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> Avast. I will gpo forever-- BYE
<Muzer> !ag YAY!
<Muzer> !ag /me celebrates
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <f4st`e2> rofl
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> byee... But i would like a final word.
<HuskyDog> LOL no1 cares!
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<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> whenever you think of me go here. Many Many people have fallen to the Darkside in the past. ANd many Many people will fall to the darkside. Powerfull Lords will hack webbsites in their attempt to destroy worms. But Worms will survive. Noobs. Ropers. Intermdiaite players will thrive allthoug the golden ages are lon gon
<HuskyDog> loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
<Muzer> !ag Is that a rickroll?
<Muzer> !ag I am NOT clicking that link
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> Perhaps. This game will not die before the Grand tribulation... That seems most likely. THis game wont die untill this entire system goes down .. No it is not a rick roll
<Muzer> hehe
<ToDehLeever> God this kid is such a moron
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> it is a worms video
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <f4st`e2> it shows doublenerd eating some diks
<HuskyDog> lol he gave a link to the worms 3d theme song, how cute
<Muzer> lol
<ToDehLeever> !ag Go write your poetry in a public toilet cubicle and the cut yourself like all the other emos do
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> Well suit youre self. Go to youtube than and serch for worms theme tune. Bye.:::........ Soon my final map will be ready. As an eternal, Final monument over one of the weirdest worst character worms have ever known: I did die as an evil person: But atleast i got attention.. Bye......
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <fast`noob> fuc k u doubletime
<Muzer> !ag We've all seen that, I listen to the original occasionally! Put the original Worms CD and skip to track 8 or 7
<Muzer> !ag depending on CD player
<ToDehLeever> !ag Not even closest to worst or weirdest
<ToDehLeever> !ag But nt
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> i have one final question.
<ToDehLeever> !ag I have one final request: shut the fuck up
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> i need to get answer before i retire. WooKa. Did you really think i fake dropped ?
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <f4st`e2> roflmao fat yankee
<ToDehLeever> !ag Wooka is not here, and I haven't seen him here in probably 2 or 3 years
* ChronoX/#wiihelp said: Muzer :)
<ToDehLeever> !ag Now fuck off
<Muzer> !ag This will go in the wqdb :p
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> byee.. F0rever.
<ToDehLeever> !ag Go drink some caustic soda or something
<Muzer> !ag kthxbai
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> well that is not more than fair
<ToDehLeever> !ag Make it official
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <xUTxBalee> is he gonna jump or what?
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> please4 someone make a topic bout this in NNNL or TUs.... bye
<HuskyDog> lmfao WHO CARES
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <DoubleTime> Doubletime dies...
<ToDehLeever> !ag Don't, because who the fuck cares
<ToDehLeever> !ag You fucking attention-whore douchebag
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> hello
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <f4st`e2> get a life girlfriendless nerds
<ToDehLeever> KRD beep.
<ToDehLeever> There's a really easy way to stop this shit
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> i have to confess that it was stupid to die as a virgin. I never felt affection
<ToDehLeever> !ag I would cut off my own leg if it meant I got to beat you to death with it
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> it is...To late....
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> sorry.
<ToDehLeever> !ag Like I said, go write your fucking poetry where all the other emos do
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> I am imune to dammage at my state... I am invaulnarable
<ToDehLeever> !ag And then cut yourself wrongly because you're too much of a fucking pussy to actually kill yourself
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> i am not an emo. I never were etheir while i had the change
<ToDehLeever> !ag Well you sure fucking sound and act like one
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> i have more powers than you will ever have... Unless you want to die badly in elite i recomend you showing me some respect. My god sir
<ToDehLeever> !ag Respect is earned, you fucking douchenozzle
<ToDehLeever> !ag And you haven't earned a damn scrap of it
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> Double ???? I lost my 2 previus lifes. Im from now on....: Trippletime
<HuskyDog> zzz
<ToDehLeever> !ag I wish you would be DictionaryTime instead
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> i will never die. if i die i will be resurected
<ToDehLeever> !ag You fucking retard
<Muzer> !ag I concur.
<Snoots> will someone *please* just ban him permanently, he bores me to tears
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> well it is abit weird to be a reincarnation however. I can see. Feel worms. Wich i couldnt before
<ToDehLeever> Or better yet, just kick FullWormage
<Muzer> Snoots: Don't think that's possible
<Muzer> only volc can do that
<ToDehLeever> !ag Right. Like I said, go write your shitty emo poetry elsewhere
<FullWormage>      WormNET: AG: <ReIncarnation> you may say whatever you want. But there are people who would die for attention. I used to be that way
<ToDehLeever> !ag Livejournal still exists, right?
<Muzer> banned him