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<Flamiex> [08:34:51] FB was so good that when I made a really fresh install on it
<Flamiex> [08:35:00] the account ropa
<Flamiex> [08:35:03] right after registering
<Flamiex> [08:35:04] was banned
<Flamiex> [08:35:06] lol
<ropa|web> [08:35:07] LOL
<Flamiex> [08:35:10] yeah
<Flamiex> [08:35:14] was quite funny
<ropa|web> [08:35:30] I'm part of the code o/
<Flamiex> [08:35:33] yeah lol
<Flamiex> [08:36:04] if(ropa or proxy forwarded to ropa or name remotely similar to ropa)
<Flamiex> [08:36:04] BAN