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Quote #426

August 25, 2009
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<Bloopy> I would fail any vision challenge right now
<Mablak> Alright, what animal is this bloopy: @(8>)
<Bloopy> contemplating
<Bloopy> is it a bird with an afro, Mablak?
<Mablak> Clearly a frog
<Mablak> You should have your driver's license revoked with that kind of vision
<Bloopy> it looks nothing like a frog
<Bloopy> my 2nd guess was gonna be something with hooves, and my 3rd guess was gonna be a Bloopy
<Mablak> It's a hooved bloopy frog
<Mablak> But a frog nonetheless
<Bloopy> frogs don't have beaks
<Mablak> I think they do in japan
<Bloopy> 8(i)
<Bloopy> better frog than yours
<Bloopy> would beat your frog in a fight because yours is too busy falling over due to the weight of its afro
<Mablak> That is a damn good frog
<Mablak> Mine was more... abstract
<Bloopy> abstract as in "looks like a baby chicken"
<Mablak> It was supposed to be evocative, asking like, which came first, the baby chicken or the frog