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June 1, 2010
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* Wyv|work changes topic to 'Latest version: v3.6.29.0 | WKB: | FB: | WT: | WMDB: | WSC: | WQDB: | WSE: | Mumble: | My spoon is too big.'
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<DarkOne> Ridiculous topic
<DarkOne> one's spoon can never be too big
<DarkOne> Wyv, by what standard do you measure spoon size?
<Ray`> I measure it by how much icecream can one hold.
<DarkOne> Quite an interesting idea!
<DarkOne> but can there be enough ice cream?
<DarkOne> or (perish the thought!) too much?
<KRD> There definitely can be too much ice cream.
<KRD> Unless you portion it.
<KRD> In which case you don't need one large spoon to hold it all anymore.
<KRD> Q. E. D.
<Wyv> portioning is for pussies!
<KRD> Beats growing tired/sick of ice cream.
<KRD> I'd like to see you argue that.
<Wyv> impossible to grow tired of ice cream!
<KRD> What about sick of it? Like, physically?
<Wyv> real men eat sickness for breakfast!
<KRD> No, those would be pregnant women.
<Wyv> rofl
<Wyv> well played
<DarkOne> real men eat pregnant women for breakfast? o_O
<DarkOne> you sick bastard!
<KRD> Pregnant women are real men too!
<KRD> Loved the flow of conversation there.
<KRD> Spoons > ice cream > pussies > pregnant women > cannibalism.
<DarkOne> someone should connect cannibalism with spoons to make a full circle