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Quote #592

Submitted by:Lex on December 3, 2010
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16:30:24 <EEqualsMCGonnaStabABitch> Are you going to indulge your fantasies and attempt to watch some cricket tonight?
16:30:40 <GreeN> wtf
16:30:43 <GreeN> you watch cricket?
16:30:48 <EEqualsMCGonnaStabABitch> Yes
16:30:55 <EEqualsMCGonnaStabABitch> Pick your words carefully from here on out
16:31:08 <GreeN> oh ill pick them carefullly alright
16:31:30 <Lex> cricket sucks
16:31:38 <EEqualsMCGonnaStabABitch> LEX SUCKS
16:31:41 <Lex> o hi
16:31:44 <Lex> didn't see you there
16:31:57 <EEqualsMCGonnaStabABitch> And you can't say that as you're Diet British
16:31:58 <GreeN> ive seen more interesting things happen in my grandparents photo albums
16:32:13 <Lex> that's the spirit, Green!
16:32:16 <EEqualsMCGonnaStabABitch> Feel free to see more interesting things happen in my ignore list
16:32:23 <Lex> LOL
16:32:25 <Lex> awesome
16:32:28 <Lex> i knew i could make things right.
16:32:31 <GreeN> hi lex
16:32:35 <Lex> hello. :D
16:32:42 <EEqualsMCGonnaStabABitch> Hey Lex
16:32:51 <GreeN> also, dont ignore me
16:32:57 <Lex> he can't read that.