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Quote #689

March 4, 2012
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Dario checks the mablak trap, sees no mablaks have fallen, changes mablak trap place and adds a small trophy as a bait
<DarkOne> does that work?
<Dario> shh, you will spook the mablaks away
<Bloopy> try using glorification as bait
<Dario> have to be patient, it is a rare pokemon
<DarkOne> have they ever been caught?
<Dario> I have had some battles with, but never managed to capture
<DarkOne> no opportunity to deal a critical hit?
<Dario> sadly no
<Dario> it is immune to criticals
<Dario> needs constant beating for a long time
<Bloopy> hahaha
<DarkOne> I can see how that could be a problem
<Dario> I am sending out my homing pigeons to locate it
<DarkOne> let us hope he is not behind closed doors then or the pigeon will just crash
<Dario> will lead me closer to his location anyway
<Dario> I have crafted some eyes of mablakmen too, just in case he is behind some kind of portal to the endlack
<Dario> it worked! the bait worked! he is close, I can smell him
<Bloopy> what does a Mablak smell like?
<Dario> smells like madcows
<Dario> damn, mablak used disconnection, he is gone.