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Quote #697

June 17, 2012
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* DarkOne has joined #worms
<+KRD> Ouch.
<BlueMaxima> MarcOne has landed.
<+DarkOne> on KRD, apparently
<+KRD> Or.
<+KRD> You landed on me.
<BlueMaxima> Pshaw, who cares about him.
<+DarkOne> Are you trying to confuse me, Grgr, or are you confused yourself?
<+KRD> Both?
<+DarkOne> well, the first is not working!
<+KRD> Give it time.
<+DarkOne> posting exactly the thing that I said as an alternative to what I said is just you being silly
<+DarkOne> But there is nothing new about that, is there? :)
<+KRD> Nothing.
<+DarkOne> brb, updating mIRC
* DarkOne has left #worms

* DarkOne has joined #worms
<+DarkOne> I guess I missed you that time, Grgr
<+DarkOne> Or it is delayed pain?
<+KRD> Or.
<+KRD> It is a delayed pain.
<+DarkOne> 5
<+DarkOne> 4
<+DarkOne> 3
<+DarkOne> 2
<+DarkOne> 1
<+KRD> Ow.
<+DarkOne> There we go.