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Quote #725

February 16, 2013
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[01:33:25] <StepS> im going to try this
[01:33:30] <StepS> i really want to waterrise backwards
[01:33:54] <Diablodoct0r> uh
[01:34:17] <LeTotalKiller> Water rise backwards.
[01:34:25] <LeTotalKiller> Isn`t that a weird formulation?
[01:34:39] <StepS> i will try to waterrise backwards
[01:34:41] <StepS> whats bad
[01:34:47] <StepS> it`s a waterrise
[01:34:59] <LeTotalKiller> A rise is when it goes up!
[01:35:07] <StepS> yes but backwards
[01:35:16] <StepS> a waterrise backwards
[01:35:16] <LeTotalKiller> Then it goes up backwards?
[01:35:31] <StepS> a waterdescend?
[01:35:36] <StepS> how would i say this then
[01:35:36] <LeTotalKiller> So basically, there`s water on the top, and it goes higher and higher?
[01:35:47] <StepS> no, it descends
[01:35:51] <StepS> a descending waterrise
[01:36:00] <Diablodoct0r> a waterdescend rise
[01:36:20] <Diablodoct0r> or, let`s make it more indian and say rice
[01:36:41] <StepS> waterrice
[01:36:44] <StepS> no