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Quote #747

July 15, 2013
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<StepS> duscussed lots of times, still nothing
<LeTotalKiller> I'll duscuss your face.
<LeTotalKiller> Also, StepS, "max-powered banana" would've been way better.
<StepS> no
<StepS> duscuss me
<LeTotalKiller> Or "a power 15 banana", maybe.
* LeTotalKiller duscusses Stepan step by step.
<StepS> it's not just 'power 15 banana'
<StepS> it's a 15-powered Banana Bomb thrown at that point of time and space without the Golden Banana shitty upgrade enabled by the hand of Kawoosh´s most brave worm, while Double Damage was active
<StepS> THIS is the kawoosh-powered-banana