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Quote #806

June 18, 2014
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<taner> sign up fagets
<Squirminator2k> Not if you're going to use language like that, I won't.
* ChanServ sets modes [#worms +b *!*taner@*.bg]
* ChanServ has kicked taner from #worms ((Byte) Bye.)
<dbanet> Squirminator2k = Byte?
<dbanet> interesting
<Squirminator2k> I'm not Byte, but it's funny you'd assume so.
<dbanet> you're logged on chanserv as Byte taner was booted from #worms by ChanServ ((Byte) Bye.)
<dbanet> oh
<dbanet> or that was Byte who booted taner xD
<Squirminator2k> Yep.
<Squirminator2k> I don't have boot powers.
<Squirminator2k> If I did this channel would be mostly empty.
<dbanet> yea I understand
<dbanet> me either xD
<Squirminator2k> Never give that sort of power to an egomaniacal British gentleman.
<dbanet> lol
<schaf> !face Squirminator2k
<OutofOrder> Squirminator2k, your face is with being able to kick anyone. [166]
<schaf> wtf
<OutofOrder> lmfao
<Squirminator2k> Well played, !face. Well played.
<LeTotalKiller> Lol.